Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What Type of Furniture we can expect from you?
Our primary concern is to provide wide range of temples in different materials, though we can also offer different hand crafted articles.
Q. How you deliver the ordered goods?
Once we receive your order form, we will check the availability of the product ordered and will provide you the confirmation of the order, on the next day of the confirmation we will dispatch the product through cargo.
Q. Can we cancel the order?
Yes you can cancel retail/individual order before we proceed the delivery. Once we despetch the goods, the order will not be cancelled. Bulk order can be cancelled until and unless we order the manufacturing of the ordered goods. Once the production is commenced, the order cannot be cancelled.
Q. Can we pay amount in different currency or in cash through any one?
Yes, you can pay amount through your designated person. Although, we recommend you to pay the amount through our assigned payment gateway.
Q. How much time it will take to receive our parcel of the ordered product?
Once the order acceptance confirmation is given to you, next day we will dispatch the product parcel in the suitable transport/cargo. After that, it will be solely depend on the transport/cargo company, that how long it will take to deliver the parcel. But you can verify with the transport/cargo company with the help of dispatch receipt we send to you.